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Solusign for Financial Services

Solusign specializes in helping Asset & Wealth Management, Lending, and Insurance firms by digitizing:

  • Credit Applications
  • Subscription Agreements
  • NDAs
  • Claims-related Documents
  • Disclosure Agreements

Increase team efficiency by 80%

Close deals 70% faster

Go paperless

Improve customer experience

Expand your service offering

Drive new revenue

Decrease your team’s workload

Solusign for Consultancies

Solusign partners with consultancies to transform their clients’ workflows.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to underpromise and overdeliver this time, we’ve got the answer.

  • Generate extra revenue
  • Expand on service offering
  • Improve customer experience

What Our Clients Say

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What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is a leading digital organization that specializes in providing eSignature solutions for clients across the world. DocuSign helps businesses find efficiencies, through a digital platform where users can upload documents to sign and manage.

What kind of documents do businesses send via DocuSign?

  • Contracts: employment offers, sales contracts, etc
  • Application forms: credit application, enrollment forms
  • Investor agreements: subscription agreements, redemption, election forms
  • Insurance: claims-related documents
  • Application forms: Credit application, Enrollment forms, Credit applications

DocuSign’s digital signature service cuts down on costs and streamlines agreement workflows by automating outdated manual processes and eliminating the need for physical documents to be posted. Through implementation, DocuSign helps to simplify a previously complicated and time-consuming practice.

How does DocuSign work?

Whether you’re needing to send a new contract, finalize an agreement or complete an ordering file, this can all be done with ease through DocuSign’s digital signature service. Simply upload your document to the DocuSign platform, then drag your chosen eSignature, text and date fields to the assigned area you specify. From there, you can save a digital copy of the signed document, or send it to a recipient who can then action their own eSignature.

What kind of DocuSign eSignature services does Solusign provide?

At Solusign we know how important it is for businesses to have simple and effective eSignature solutions to ensure best operating practices. In order to help you find efficiencies, Solusign is committed to providing a number of premium digital signature services to fit your needs.

DocuSign implementations

We understand that in order to improve eSignature workflows within your business, the implementation of new practices must be designed with your needs in mind. Our team of DocuSign consultants can help you design templates aimed at streamlining your business.

Templates for financial services

  • Let our DocuSign experts help you build templates for your business. We provide digital eSignature solutions for Subscription Agreements for investment funds, KYC Application forms for banks, lenders and insurers, and any other document your business might need.
  • To learn more about our templates, book a strategy meeting with one of our DocuSign consultants.

Private workshops to design templates

  • At Solusign we know that every business’ workflow is different — our team of DocuSign experts are committed to helping you design custom digital eSignature solutions to suit your needs.
  • Understanding the nuts and bolts of implementing DocuSign’s signature services for your business can be a great way to find more efficiencies. If you’re stumped and need your burning questions answered or if you’d like more information on building a template, here at Solusign we provide private workshops to assist with your DocuSign queries.
  • To learn more about how to build a template, book an introductory call with one of our DocuSign consultants.


  • Learn how to use DocuSign by signing up to our Solusign training service where you can get access to group coaching calls, DocuSign training videos and tutorials, private coaching with a DocuSign specialist and more.

To discover more about our DocuSign training options get in touch with someone from our team to discuss your options.

Why is Solusign trusted as a DocuSign expert for financial services businesses?

Our team of DocuSign specialists understands that agreements within financial services businesses can be complex, sensitive and volatile. Our experience with our valued clients is proof that our world-class digital eSignature services will deliver results with care. We can help you save time and money by implementing document solutions that only accept correct information and will improve your clients’ experience. You can read more about our case studies online.

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