DocuSign: Electronic Signature Solutions for All Sized Businesses

Feb 15, 2022
DocuSign: Electronic Signature Solutions for All Sized Businesses

Electronic signatures are quickly becoming the norm in the corporate world. It’s not hard to see why actually. When you consider material, administration, shipping, and subscription costs, an average business can decrease spending between 55% and 80% during a single year. That’s why so many businesses are going paperless and adopting digital signatures.

Of course, the transition isn’t always smooth. Many businesses aren’t sure when’s the right time to do it. Others are concerned about the costs. Some aren’t even sure whether they want to do it or not. Let’s see why this is actually a good idea. Let’s discuss why you need electronic signature solution, their benefits, and why DocuSign is the right digital signature tool for you. 

 The Need for E-Signatures in 2021 

Whenever there’s a corporate finance transaction, there’s bound to be some documentation. The length can vary significantly. It can be one page long or 200 pages long, depending on the details of the deal. These documents need to be printed, signed, scanned, and uploaded. The entire process feels tedious. With 44% of people working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, signing documents and keeping track of them felt impossible for many.

People without printers, scanners, or the ability to leave their homes found out that the traditional process needed some update. Electronic signatures present the perfect solution because they require no additional technology to work. What makes the electronic signature so easy to work with? 

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 Benefits of Electronic Signatures Solution for Your Business 

Running a paperless business sounds appealing, sure, but is it really worth it? Are there any clear benefits to it? Yes, there are actually several benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest ones.

 1. Significantly Lower Operation Costs 

Machines, paper, and electricity. All of these things cost. Well, electronic signatures can help you cut those costs down significantly. According to a study commissioned by Adobe, 6 out of 10 business managers say that using electronic signatures can help you cut down document-related costs by a large margin. We’re talking thousands of dollars yearly. 

 2. Fewer Errors in Your Documents 

Organizations that use electronic signature solution report having a lot fewer errors in their documents. Research on the matter shows that electronic signatures can reduce the total number of mistakes by 80% when used correctly. Freelancers, business owners, and legal experts agree that automated workflows, templates, and libraries notably lessen errors. 

 3. An Increased Return on Investment 

Some are probably wondering, how long will it take them to start seeing tangible results from investing in electronic signatures? A few years, right? Try a couple of months. According to a study conducted by AIIM, more than 80% of organizations that have used electronic signatures report that they’ve achieved a positive ROI within 12 months of adopting the new work method. 

 DocuSign: The Top Electronic Signature Solution on the Market 

Yes, electronic signature software is worth investing in. But with dozens – if not hundreds – of different software vendors out there, how can you know which one you should go for? Why not try one that has hundreds of millions of signers in over 180 countries around the world? Trusted by millions of individuals and companies, DocuSign offers you everything one needs to automate and connect their agreement process. How trustworthy is DocuSign? Just take a look at some of these numbers:

  • DocuSign has over 500,00 active customers.
  • Nearly 70% of tech companies have used it. 
  • Over 800 government agencies are paying users.

From sales to offer letters to invoices, DocuSign allows you to handle all of your paperwork remotely. The DocuSign electronic signature solution is the number one method in the world to sign and send documents, anytime, anywhere. After you create an account, you can sign and send documents in minutes:

  • Visit your DocuSign account.
  • Upload the documents that need signing
  • Drag and drop the signature field to the correct location on the document
  • Sign the document and email yourself the completed document

Yes, it’s that easy to use DocuSign. Besides the electronic signatures, there are many more features worth discussing. 

 Top Features of DocuSign  

The electronic signature solution is a part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, which means that you can extend all of the benefits to all of the other stages of the agreement process. You can prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements easily. Now, let’s look at the top features of DocuSign:

 1. Mobile Responsive Signing  

With the responsive signing, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your signer will be able to read the document you sent. This feature improves the display of the document, by automatically rendering your PDF documents into a format that’s adapted to the signer’s device. That means you don’t have to scroll from side to side or pinch in to read documents.

 2. Data Validation to Eliminate Human Errors 

You can restrict the types of data entered into any field you want. That function can help you eliminate errors and prevent document resending. Validation rules include text, numbers, dates, ZIP codes, and social security numbers, to name a few. 

 3. Collect Payments When Closing Deals 

By using an electronic signature, you also get access to DocuSign Payments. You can connect your DocuSign account with PayPal or Stripe in just a few minutes. You can then start accepting and collecting payments from credit cards and various payment platforms in mere seconds. 

 4. Flexible Workflow Adaptable to Any Business 

Are you running a large operation with dozens of different people involved at all operation levels? Perhaps you have a small organization with less than ten workers? DocuSign will help you either way. You can route your documents to several users who can sign in sequential or in parallel to fit your business process perfectly. 

 5. Number of Authentication Levels for Signers 

How can you ever be sure that your signers are who they claim they are? Use DocuSign to be sure. Several authentication levels will increase the thresholds required of signers to prove their identity before the app gives them access to your documents. 

 Implement DocuSign Into Your Business Process 

There’s no better time to get your organization to adopt electronic signatures than now. Here at DocuSign, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of users streamline tier workflows, eliminate mistakes, and boost their earnings thanks to the help from the electronic signatureTherefore, if saving the environment, managing documents anytime/anywhere, and saving money in the process sounds good, now’s the time to look into electronic signature solution.

If you feel like DocuSign is something your business needs, you don’t have to worry about implementing it. With Solusign, the entire process can last only a few hours. Contact the world’s #1 DocuSign consultancy and book a meeting with Solusign today!

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