Solusign Takes off as the World’s First E-Signature Implementation Specialist

Feb 15, 2022
Solusign Takes off as the World’s First E-Signature Implementation Specialist

Why close the deal tomorrow when you can do it real-time, remotely? 

With the Covid-19 pandemic adversely affecting the business world, entrepreneurs, more than ever, have to revamp and digitize their approach with clients and customers. That is why Solusign is launching today as your partner for future-proof digital transaction solutions – keeping the business running and cash flowing.

Solusign is the world’s first specialist implementation consultancy that focuses on electronic signature, working primarily with DocuSign. According to Solusign CEO Sofian Saoudi, the company was developed to make software so simple and intuitive to use that business would think they run on ‘magic’. They design and implement advanced but easy to use software solutions with the help of best-in-class workflow automation and eSign products.

 Frustration into Solution 

Everyone in one way or another is a customer. We feel happy when things work out the way it should and get annoyed when the service provider fails to meet our expectations. However, Sofian is an exemption. He doesn’t just observe the challenges of the process nor lashes out when there are hiccups – he acts and rectifies for better efficiency.

Whether it’s about the process of the company I worked for, the ones my clients had in place, or the service I was receiving as a customer, my brain is always analyzing the way people are doing things and looking for improvements. — Sofian 

This young Australian-based Frenchman is not your typical IT guy. He is a geek, yes, but he pays particular attention to user experience (UX), the pain points, and the fixes. He sees firsthand its moneymaking potentials.

 Pioneering Venture 

Employees spend an average of 50% of their time creating and preparing documents which badly affects their productivity. The delays of paperwork are another story. Imagine the hurdles of going back-and-forth with the documents from clients to HQ, and vice versa, just to get them amended, stipulated, and signed. What if a tenant needs to sign with another 5 co-tenants or 10?

How many days, if not weeks, will it take to complete the agreement? Turns out almost half of the paper printed in offices ends up being trashed by the end of the day, and companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms. If businesses are to go green, this is definitely not the way to go. Sofian sees this as a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Being a DocuSign wizard, Sofian founded Solusign with a mission to help big businesses and SMEs get immediate ROI on their tech stack – not tomorrow and certainly not next quarter. He aspires “to create automated, intentional, and efficient workflows” for his clients and their customers.

I want our clients to trust that nobody else cares much about the end result. Solusign’s values are centered around customer experience, including human-first design, on time every time, and QA fanatics. — Sofian

 Why Solusign choose DocuSign? 

As we go all-out paperless, collecting and managing eSignatures is critical in business transactions. Client agreements, contracts, customer payments, and order forms – these are just a few of the many documents that require eSignatures. More than 80% of businesses that use eSignatures confirm that they achieve ROI in one 12-month budget period and those with effective eSign use can do so within three months or less. Companies even gain 70%-80% efficiency enhancements after adopting eSignature and other digital technologies. Certainly, there are other eSignature makers in the market, but Solusign opts for DocuSign for reasons you, too, would concur:

  • Bank-grade security levels.
  • Ease of use. Anyone can sign a document using DocuSign
  • Versatile. Full of features that allow workaround on any tricky workflow
  • Authority. Looks very professional with a strong call to action for contract acceptance
  • No downtime. The platform is always up and running
  • Mobile friendly. DocuSign does a great job at rendering mobile-optimized content
  • Award-winning API. DocuSign is in a class for itself
  • Moreover, DocuSign has a suite of paperless office software and integrations.

Solusign is dedicated to ensuring your online documents and e-signature processing is as effortless, accurate, and intuitive as possible for you and your users. They have worked with businesses in the real estate, legal practices, recruitment, financial services, and healthcare industry.

The company’s Template Creation offerings include designing neatly formatted and fillable forms in your choice of PDF, .docx, or cloud-based format; and upgrading forms into a sleek DocuSign template configured and customized to your business workflow.

Solusign’s seamless eSign integration involves, but not limited to, Salesforce and DocuSign integrations. The company offers custom integration development and off-the-shelf solutions tailored to your business’ requirements. Also, Solusign provides training and ongoing support, even if you are managing a remote team.

Apart from being earth-friendly, there are ample benefits if you engage with Solusign:

  • Immediate ROI
  • Best-in-class expertise
  • Outside the box ideas
  • Keen attention to details
  • Make the most of all features 

Say goodbye to the time-consuming, influx of paperwork. Automate your entire business transaction. Whatever is the new normal after the pandemic, you know you can close the deals faster and make huge leaps in financial gain. Get in touch with Solusign to get your eSignature implementation done without time wasted or headaches!


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