What Does DocuSign Integrate With?

Feb 15, 2022
What Does DocuSign Integrate With?

We’re all aware that digital signature is becoming a standard solution across numerous industries. As with any other tool, you have to check how well it’ll work with your other tools. That’s what we’re going to address in this article. If you’re planning to make a move to digital signature, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the importance of integrations. Then we’ll move onto what does DocuSign integrates with across several industries.

 Why is Integration Important? 

No matter what software tool we’re talking about, it must be compatible with a broad range of other software solutions. It ensures that your productivity flow remains smooth. Implementing a software tool with excellent integration support brings some of the following benefits.

  • No need to copy/paste. Copy-pasting your documents become history. With that, you’ll no longer face any errors that occur in the process.
  • Automated workflows. Tool integration enables you to automate various workflows. For example, signing a document can trigger an automatic invoice generation and service provision.
  • Automatic data propagation. Your documents are automatically synchronized across all your databases.
  • One source of truth. Complete document history is easily accessible.
  • Efficiency. As you and your team no longer have to print, sign and then send back or scan the documents, the efficiency becomes much higher. You get to do much more with less time and fewer materials.
  • Lowering costs. You can say goodbye to spending all the papers and printers. All the signing will now take place digitally. Take a look at how you can easily calculate your savings.

Luckily, people at DocuSign are well aware of the importance of integration. That’s why the software tool easily integrates with numerous other systems. Let’s explore the most popular ones.docusign integrate

 Which Popular Platforms are Supported 

One of the primary reasons why DocuSign is the right choice is the range of various integrations. We’ll first go over the most popular integrations. Then, we’ll mention all the specific tools that companies in various industries use.

 1. Salesforce 

Is your company using Salesforce? DocuSign quickly integrates with the software suite. Together, they pack an extensive set of features that makes working with company partners much more effortless. By implementing DocuSign, you can:

  • Request signatures.
  • Allow customers to sign documents electronically.
  • Deploy on Service Cloud and Salesforce CPQ.

Other features compatible with Salesforce include:

  • DocuSign CLM
  • DocuSign Negotiate
  • DocuSign Gen

Support for in-depth integration with Salesforce makes DocuSign a great tool that keeps processes quick and simple.

 2. Google 

Can you integrate Google Forms with DocuSign? You’ll be happy to know that the answer is yes. Besides Google Forms, DocuSign seamlessly integrates with other popular Google Workspace products. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, you can integrate DocuSign in your workflow on:

  • Google Drive
  • Gmail
  • Google Docs
  • Google Chrome

Therefore, if you rely on Google in your workflow, you can easily integrate DocuSign.

 3. Microsoft 

Microsoft is another giant that companies often use. If you belong to this group, you can rest assured that DocuSign integration with Microsoft suite will be smooth. The tool will work with tools including:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Flow
  • And Microsoft Windows

As you can tell, DocuSign works with all the crucial Microsoft products. If you’re curious about how to integrate DocuSign with SharePoint, we’re happy to report it’s a simple procedure.

 4. Oracle 

Oracle NetSuite is another system that is used in thousands of organizations globally. Its unique set of features makes it a handy tool in many industries. That’s why DocuSign developers provide integration with numerous Oracle tools. Some of them are:

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Oracle Enterprise Contracts
  • Oracle People Soft
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service
  • Oracle Content and Experience Cloud
  • Oracle HCM
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • Oracle DocuMaker
  • Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • Oracle Construction and Engineering Products

The long list of supported tools shows that you can enjoy all the integration benefits no matter which Oracle product you’re using.

 5. Workday 

Workday is a popular solution that many companies deploy for numerous business processes. As the tool heavily works with a broad range of documents, integration with DocuSign makes it an impeccable solution for:

  • Agreement process management
  • Smooth hiring process
  • Easy onboarding
  • Smooth internal operations

All that comes with a platform that’s easy to use and packs outstanding security features.

 6. SAP Solution Extension 

If you’re an SAP user, the platform integrates with DocuSign perfectly. You can enjoy all the DocuSign features across their range of products. That goes for:

  • SAP Fieldglass
  • SAP Customer Experience
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • SAP Ariba Contract Management and CLM
  • SAP ERP Central Component

Much like with the above-mentioned systems, you get a complete set of DocuSign features with all the SAP software products.

 Wide Range of Support Across Industries 

Besides the most popular solutions, there are many others available on the market from the section above. They often come with specific designs for a particular industry. DocuSign comes with support for various tools in the following sectors.

  • Construction and Energy. Constellation Homebuilder Systems, AutoCAD for DocuSign Signature Appliance, RedTeam, Procore, and more.
  • Education and Government. StarRez, Astral, SchoolDocs, and more.
  • Finance. MeridianLink LoansPQ and Xpress Accounts, Applied Systems, Teslar Software, Docupace, nCino, SimpleNexus, and more.
  • Healthcare. Engaged MD, IQVIA, ShareVault, Xactly, and more.
  • HR. Freshteam, aconso nubea, JobScore, Sympa HR, the Topia Product Suite, and more.
  • Legal and Compliance. Counself, Close Matrix, Evergreen, Litify, Clio, pdfDocs, Duck Creek, and more.
  • Real Estate. Snapdocs, Roostify, Floify, Boston Logic, BoomTown, Amitree, AutoPal, zipLogix, ShortTrack, ResMan, Updater, and more.
  • Retail and Manufacturing. Motorlot, P2 Portal 2, FieldStorm, and AutoBidMaster.
  • Technology. Campus Management, FIS, Almond Logic, Anaplan, Bluetent, NDA Corp, Quick Base, SmartRoom, Zefort, Lexion, and more.
  • Non-Profit. Fluxx

All of the listed software tools and systems are not all DocuSign-compatible tools, there’s more. Altogether, DocuSign comes with support for over 350 different software systems. Therefore, whichever system you’re using, it’s likely that DocuSign will work without any hiccups.

 Get in Touch with Solusign 

If you’re looking to learn more about DocuSign and how to set it up, please contact us. Solusign can swiftly integrate DocuSign with any existing software. Therefore, no matter which tools you are using, we’ll integrate DocuSign into your workflow. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. We’ll help you get started with DocuSign in no time.

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