Why DocuSign is Good for Your Business?

Feb 15, 2022
Why DocuSign is Good for Your Business?
If you’ve been in the world of entrepreneurship for the last two decades, you’ve undoubtedly heard of DocuSign. It has been around since the early 2000s, and for years, it has made the agreement and approval process simpler for millions of businesspeople around the globe.

Why do more than 500,000 people pay to use DocuSign every year? Is DocuSign that helpful? Is it better than all of the other electronic signature solutions out there? All of these questions, and many more, will be answered in this post.

Let’s find out how DocuSign can help say goodbye to all of your administrative hassles forever and improve your business operation in the process.

 Who is DocuSign Designed For? 

DocuSign is an electronic signature solution for businesses of all sizes. Micro, one-person operations will get professional-looking documents and contracts, while multinational corporations can streamline entire processes.

The platform is secure and complies with both the US and international regulations. That makes it perfect to meet a company’s needs for legally binding online documents. There are contract-signing features designed for specific industries.

Now, signing documents online may seem risky for many people. Unless signed by an authorized individual, the document itself may not be legally binding. To compensate for the lack of eyewitnesses, DocuSign engages all parties involved through a series of protocols:

  • Validation through email
  • Access code authentication
  • Verification via SMS
  • Federated authentication of identity
  • Conventional validation via phone
  • 3rd-party corroboration
  • Social identity authentication
  • Geolocation capture

These verifications are often embedded into the electronic document itself. The verifications create an authorization trial, which can be denied.

How Does DocuSign Work? 

A digital signature solution’s primary feature is to allow businesses to use signatures on digital documents and send and receive these documents. However, DocuSign provides you much more than that.

It allows users the perfect mix of efficiency and convenience.

For instance, you can use DocuSign to build your digital documents with several templates. Don’t have much technical knowledge? No problem. DocuSign’s drag-and-drop feature allows users to build on their templates, no matter the experience they have.

Beyond the basics, there are other features DocuSign offers. These features include:

  • Payments: The app is all about making business processes more convenient. By using the payments feature, users can send payment requests to their clients. Your clients can sign their documents and pay you for your services in one easy step, using a credit or a debit card or even online payment services like Android and Apple pay.
  • Mobile App: Even though many DocuSign users prefer desktop computers, the mobile version allows you to conduct work on the go. Even if you’re outside of your office, you can send documents to clients or sign contracts. The feature is handy for real estate agents.
  • 3rd-Party Integrations: DocuSign integrates with over 300 3rd-party apps. These include expected apps like Salesforce and Google. However, there are some exciting integrations such as SAP and Oracle. No matter what app you’re accustomed to, chances are, DocuSign will work within its framework.

 What Can DocuSign Help Your Business With? 

While other electronic signature solutions may allow you to do your business remotely, DocuSign can do much more for you. Let’s see how DocuSign can improve your existing workflow and give your organization a welcomed boost.

 1. Prepare Your Documents and Define Workflows 

DocuSign allows workers to prepare agreements using your company’s existing documents and forms, no matter what file type they’re in. Employees will save time with DocuSign’s flexible workflow, which allows you to automate critical processes and set the order of recipients’ steps and roles. The app also allows you to eliminate any data entry errors.

 2. Complete All Of Your Transactions Seamlessly 

All of your customers or vendors will be able to access and sign legally binding documents in a matter of seconds. They can also do it from any device, no matter where they are, in over 40 languages. There’s also an option to collect payment data from clients and other important information needed to complete a transaction.

 3. Create Digital Audit Trails for All of Your Documents 

Also, you have the audit trails, which are created with every signed document. Process movements are time-stamped. The documents are encrypted before they’re even signed. After they’re signed, they’re treated with a unique hash that helps you see whether the document has been tampered with or altered. This protects your documents from unauthorized parties.

 4. Lower Your Business Expenses 

Many business owners have gotten used to printing and paper expenses. Things don’t have to be that way. By implementing DocuSign, you can lower your business expenses. You no longer have to worry about getting new printers and face services costs. On the other hand, some businesses burn a lot of cash on absurd amounts of paper for printing purposes. You can say goodbye to all those costs.

 5. Outperform Your Competition 

With the current market of $2 billion, the Digital Signature market size is only on the beginning of its growth. With the projected growth up to $17.7 billion by 2027, it’s clear that other businesses are yet to adopt digital signatures. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in all industries, and adopting new technologies is one of the ways to stay ahead.

With previously mentioned benefits, your business will outperform others. With all the technicalities out of the way, all you have to do is focus on your business goals!

 Help Your Workers, Clients, and Bottom Line! 

Things are quite simple. If you feel that you need an electronic signature service when dealing with multiple document signatures a day, DocuSign is the solution you need. DocuSign will help your workers and clients. With satisfied clients and a happy workforce, you can be sure that your bottom line will increase. All thanks to the increased efficiency a digital signature can provide. 

That sounds great, but you’re not entirely sure how to set up DocuSign? No worries, we’re here to help. Solusign can make the process seamless. If you want to have your DocuSign up and running in just a few hours, contact Solusign today and book a meeting.


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