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I was a brand new DocuSign user hoping to use the tool to collect forms from about 300-400 investors in a relatively short amount of time.

The forms were relatively straightforward but signature requirements varied by fund and type of recipient (some required a company name, some required joint signatures, custodian signatures, and so on). 

I tried (unsuccessfully) to train myself using a combination of DocuSign online resources and other non-DocuSign sponsored videos I came across on YouTube and the like. That is where I came across Solusign. I was thrilled when I reached out to Sofian and quickly heard back. For the first time in days, I felt like I was going to make some traction by understanding the power of the tool and building an effective process.

The Results

In addition to saving hours of resource time, they will also save money from not having to send and re-send envelopes that were unintentionally sent with errors. Having polished, branded, firmwide messages with clear instructions made easy for the recipient is also an opportunity to strengthen the investor base.

The Process

DocuSign was indeed more complex than most people realize and that supplemental resources are a MUST.

I liked that Solusign spent time with me upfront to learn what I was trying to accomplish and then helped me build a process to get there. For example, they built additional forms for me to streamline the campaign with our brand-specific messaging. I also liked how responsive they were and being very fair and honest from a billing perspective. 

Corrie M.

Investor Relationship Manager

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