Contract Preparation Time: From 25 Min to 5 Seconds!

The Client


Greg, Director of Camila Partners was spending 20 minutes per contract in Word, making sure that everything was correct, for his investors to sign.

Once the contract was correct, then the agreements would finally be uploaded one after the other in DocuSign, taking another 5 minutes.

Greg and his team were sending an average of 10 contracts per week.


The Brief

Greg wanted to automate the process while maintaining the professional look of the contracts. He didn’t want the contract to be prepared in DocuSign as the merge fields would have been misaligned with the rest of the text.


The Process

  1. We moved the data that Greg’s team was inputting in the contracts from Excel to Airtable.
  2. Once the database on the cloud, we integrated it with Docupilot, a tool that allows to generate polished documents in the cloud.
  3. We integrated Docupilot with DocuSign so that documents would automatically be sent for signature to Greg’s investors.


The Result


Greg’s team can now generate and send agreements via DocuSign with the click of 1 button.


  Old process Automated Process
Time 25 min 5 sec
Clicks 39 2
Steps 7 1