Real Estate Investment Trust – Saves $80 Per Agreement


Our Client


seneca-capitalGary Lee, Director of Asset Management
Seneca Capital Partners is a Colorado-based REIT specializing in student housing and mobile home accommodation investments. Gary was looking to reduce time and cost relating to agreements that had to be signed by unitholders and sponsors.


The Problem

  1. The team was spending an average of 56 min per agreement. Each manually prepared in Word and physically mailed to investors.
  2. Once signed, agreements were returned a week later. Each had to be physically countersigned, scanned, and filed in both a local drive and filing cabinet.
  3. Multiplied by the number of investors, it wasn’t unusual for Gary Lee’s team to spend entire days on creating, distributing, and processing agreements.
  4. The estimated cost, including office supplies, storage, overnight fees, labor, and productivity loss, totaled $81 per agreement.

The Solution

  1. To automate the generation of agreements with their relevant data, we integrated Seneca’s database to a cloud mail merge software, on which a template version of the agreement is hosted.
  2. To automate the distribution once generated, we also integrated the tool with DocuSign.
  3. We automated file renaming and archiving of each agreement in specific folders based on the property and investor.
  4. We finally added a Send via DocuSign button and a Signature Status field to the database so that the team can easily send and track the progress of envelopes.

The Result (Investment Trust – Saves $80)


By the click of a button, Co-Sponsor Agreements are automatically generated with correct data and sent to shareholders via DocuSign.
Regardless of the number generated, the process takes less than a minute. Now that agreements can be signed on their mobile;
investors usually return them within 30 min.
Once countersigned, all agreements are stored into Seneca Capital Partners’s servers,
organized by property and investor,
all automated.


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