Spinify Sends Proposals and Collect Payments in One Click


The Brief

Spinify is the world’s leading Sales Gamification Software used by both small businesses and enterprises to motivate and drive their sales teams. CEO, Matt Bullock wanted to implement DocuSign for Salesforce to help his team close more enterprise deals while keeping the sending process streamlined.


The Problem with the Old Process

To send proposals to their clients, the team was using Qwilr, an integrated Salesforce tool. The problem was that it didn’t have a strong call to action for contract acceptance, like in DocuSign.

  • It looked less formal and they had trouble signing enterprise deals.
  • It was manual and the team had to input various information in the software before they were able to send the proposal.
  • Once the new client had signed, they had to manually send a separate invoice, as Qwilr doesn’t have a payment integration option.
Use Case:
Implementation time:
4 days
Service Related:
Template Integration
Related Platforms:
Salesforce, DocuSign for Salesforce
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Our Strategy (Create more Professional-looking Proposal)

The best solution for Spinify was to use DocuSign for Salesforce integration so that they could send more professional-looking proposals from any opportunity record, with the click of a button.


We started by looking at the order form that was already in use and identified the below requirements:

  • 2 DocuSign templates needed
  • 15 Fields needed to be mapped to DocuSign
  • 2 Product- and 2 opportunity-related fields needed to be created in Salesforce
  • 2 Custom buttons should be created to allow reps to send proposals with the click of one button
  • Integration with Stripe needed to be setup to allow collection of the customer’s first payment


  • After creating the required new Salesforce fields, we mapped them all to DocuSign custom tags and added them to the DocuSign templates.
  • We then developed and added DocuSign buttons to the opportunity layout.
  • Next, we automated the storage of the signed version of the Order Forms in Opportunities’ “Notes and Attachment” section when completed.
  • Finally, we integrated and configured the payment gateway with the DocuSign templates.


The Outcome

Spinify’s team can now generate and send proposals via DocuSign without leaving Salesforce. Customers can sign with a digital signature and pay in a single transaction. Spinify now has:

  • A fully automated process, from generation to payment collection.
  • Proposals that look more professional with DocuSign.
  • A team that is more confident when dealing with enterprise customers.
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Matt Bullock

CEO, Spinify, Australia
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