Automated Conveyor Belt: The Key to Seamless Patient Onboarding

"There was a before and after working with Solusign"


Dr Justin Tucker, Founder & MD at Prologue



When Dr Justin Tucker, owner of Prologue, an obstetrics and fertility practice in Sydney, Australia, needed to streamline their patient intake process they reached out to Solusign.

Dr Tucker wanted to allow his patients to conveniently fill out intake forms online using mobile devices, while also automating manual data entry for receptionists.


  1. Manual appointment booking: Receptionist wasted time manually sending booking confirmations by email and text message
  2. Repeat data: Patients filled out paper intake forms asking for information which had already been provided when making the appointment. 
  3. Delay issues: The paper intake form process was slow and unreliable, causing delays in the schedule when patients were late and forms weren't ready.
  4. Manual entry: completed intake forms had to be manually entered and stored, taking up valuable time.




1. Process mapping

We started by mapping the ideal patient intake process.



2. Mobile intake forms

We redesigned patient intake forms and added mobile responsive capabilities so that patients can easily sign on mobile






3. Automation

Automation #1: Automated confirmations
We connected the booking system with email and SMS providers to automate sending booking confirmations to patients so that the reception team doesn't have to
Automation #2: Pre-filled forms

We integrated pre-fill intake forms so that patients don't need to provide their details twice.

Automation #3: Auto-synchronization
Submitted forms are automatically synchronized into the practice management system reducing data entry work while increasing accuracy and efficiency.  


  1. Automated delivery: Receptionists no longer need to send forms manually as appointment bookings now trigger immediate SMS and email delivery creating a more efficient process. 
  2. Pre-filled forms: Forms are sent pre-filled, so that patients don't have to provide their details twice
  3. Mobile friendly: Forms are easily filled out using any device before the appointment eliminating any last minute rush 
  4. Automated sync: Submitted forms are automatically synchronized into the practice management system reducing data entry work while increasing accuracy and efficiency.


Unlocking the power of automation for better patient onboarding, Prologue streamlined their intake process with mobile-friendly forms, automated delivery and pre-filled forms that sync to their management system, reducing data entry time, increasing efficiency and creating a first-class experience.

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