Case Study: REIT

From Shareholders taking 2 Weeks To Sign to 30 min



Gary, Partner at Seneca, wasted over 2 hours manually creating contracts in Word and manually copying and pasting information from Excel. It took an average of 2 weeks for agreements to be returned often with errors by shareholders due to their complexity. They needed a better solution. That’s when Solusign comes in.

The Results

A process that took 2 hours of manual work and 2 weeks to complete is now fully automated. A single button now generates and sends agreements for electronic signature via DocuSign. Errors have been eliminated and, once signed, completed documents are automatically saved in Google Drive and partners can easily track the signature status for each contract from within their Excel file.


The Process

1. After studying Seneca's processes, we suggested automating the entire system of agreement, rather than just the signature. 

2. We automated the document preparation by integrating Excel with DocuSign so that no time is wasted on manual copy paste and added a "signature tracking" column to easily who had signed and who needed a reminder.

3. We automated the upload of completed PDFs into Google Drive so that Seneca's team doesn't have to.


"I can't believe that a process that took us two hours is now fully automated. Thank you"

Gary Lee, General Partner at Seneca Equity Partners

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