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Having issues with DocuSign?

When implementing new programs, tools and software, it’s not unusual to have a period of transition while organizations and their teams get up to speed with new workflows. So if your company has recently begun using DocuSign’s eSignature services, you may have run into some snags while processing documents.

Here are some of the most common issues users have with DocuSign:

  • Temperamental conditional logic fields
  • Bulk send functionality
  • Merging fields on the document
  • Incorrect calculations in formula fields
  • Creating templates

Onboarding your business and team with the many features of DocuSign doesn’t have to be a painful process. With proper training and DocuSign support, you’ll find the keys to making this eSignature solution improve your business workflow.

How can Solusign help with your DocuSign issues?

At Solusign we understand that dealing with eSignature issues while using DocuSign services can be frustrating. Whether you’re running into problems with sending envelopes, conditional logic, bulk-send, formulas, having trouble beginning the process of creating a template or Powerform — we have developed a number of key offerings to assist your business with troubleshooting. Here are some of the ways we offer support to businesses using DocuSign:


If you have a burning question about a DocuSign feature, chances are we’ve covered it in one of our blog posts. These outline key areas of the eSignature workflow and how you can resolve an issue using simple terminology. Not only have we created informative DocuSign blog posts, but we have a number of video tutorials if you’re more of an audio/visual learner. Whether you’re looking to understand more about how to send your document or you want to design your own template, you’ll be able to find all the information to help.


When you make the decision to enlist the help of Solusign’s experts, you’ll also receive a 1-hour workflow design workshop. This is our opportunity to learn more about your goals and objectives so we can best assist you with advice about which DocuSign features will suit your organization best.

As businesses grow, we know that operations must continue to evolve as well. At Solusign, after we have engaged with clients in helping to create effective eSignature solutions, we are committed to providing ongoing DocuSign support in Australia, United States and Canada for document management and any other needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about a specific feature but are having issues troubleshooting on your own, our DocuSign experts are on hand to offer assistance to you and your business. At Solusign, we offer 60 and 90 minute consultations where we can drill down into specifics to help you get up to speed.

Online Training Course

In the fast-paced business world we understand you can often run into issues that need to be resolved quickly. This is why we have designed a DocuSign training course that will equip you with all of the tools you’ll need to become an expert quickly. By upskilling yourself or members from your team, you’ll be making an investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

Here are some testimonials from customers who have benefited from using Solusign to help with their DocuSign service issues:

“If you need help understanding the benefits of DocuSign and how to integrate the product into your business, Solusign is your best option. 10/10 recommendation,” Jeremy Tyree, MD Reedify.

“Excellent communicators, know the tech, and solve problems along the way. Superb,” Tim Gilbert, CEO Merton Way.

“Above and beyond. Solusign are DocuSign experts. We strongly recommend them for any DocuSign project,” Matt Bullock, CEO Spinify.

Seeking support for issues that arise during your DocuSign workflow can be an overwhelming task. At Solusign we know that all businesses are different and therefore a variety of solutions must be available. Through our workshops, blog posts, consultations and training we have ensured there are plenty of helpful resources to suit your organization.

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