Are you affiliated with DocuSign?

Yes, Solusign is a trusted DocuSign Partner.

Do you work with other eSign software?

No, only DocuSign. We want to remain DocuSign experts and are constantly learning about its new features and new ways to use it.

If we need more support past the 30-day warranty, how does that work?

We offer support and advisory retainer options. This allows you to get immediate help when you need throughout the year without having to wait.

Can you create custom API?

Yes we can, we will need to understand what cloud technology you are using.

We create contracts in Word before sending out to clients and some information changes, can you still create a template for that?

Absolutely, we can create a dynamic template that only contains the signature or initial fields. Even if the length of the contract changes, our templates will adjust the position of the fields automatically!

Must we speak? Can we just email you what we need?

To craft the best workflows, we need to understand more about your business, the context in which documents are being prepared, signed, acted on and managed. We need to know all the potential case scenarios so that DocuSign templates fit perfectly within your process. This would take too long by email, plus, we like to meet who we are working with.

How much do you charge?

We need to understand your unique workflow and see your documents before giving you a final price.

Is it safe to provide you with access to my DocuSign account?

Yes, we will show you how to set us up without administrator rights, which guarantees that we don’t have access to your data.

Do you need access to our DocuSign account?

Yes, we need to be setup as a user on your DocuSign account. And don’t worry, we will show you how to revoke our access to your account when we’ve completed the job.

I haven’t got a DocuSign subscription yet, does it matter?

It’s ok, we can help you choose the best DocuSign subscription for your needs.