Docs Signed in 24h


Productivity Increase


Errors in Forms


Labor Cost Reduction


Faster Time to Loan Close

Speed up

Accelerate Time to Revenue

Improve Client Engagement

Delight Customers With Seamless Processes

Ensure Compliance

By running a digitized document management process.

Scale Your Practice

Through digitization and robotic processes automation
Loan Application
Loan Packet
Advisory Teams M&A
Subscription Agreement
Co-Sponsor Agreement
Delegation of Authority
Letters of Explanation
And More…


Workflow Analysis
We discuss your objectives and carry out a proper analysis of your operations.


Go Paperless
We digitize your agreements using DocuSign and eliminate the burden of printing, scanning, and sending paper documents.


Integration & Automation
We connect DocuSign into your existing systems.


Team Training
We provide a detailed step by step training for your team to get them up to speed with the demands of the new workflow.


Ongoing support
We offer ongoing support for your document management and other needs as they keep evolving.


    Why is DocuSign the best eSignature solution for the financial services industry?

    Whether you work in hedge fund management, venture capital or commercial lending; internal business operations are always about finding efficiencies to improve the bottom line. One of the best ways to find time and cost efficiencies within your business is to implement an eSignature workflow using DocuSign financial services features.

    By implementing DocuSign to your operations strategy, you can ensure improved productivity when processing documents like:

    • Credit Applications
    • Loan Packets
    • Advisory Teams M&A
    • Subscription Agreements
    • KYC application forms
    • Co-Sponsor Agreements
    • Delegation of Authority
    • NDAs
    • Letters of Explanation

    Statistically, when businesses implement eSignature for financial services processes, they see trackable ROI with a reduction in costs and improved productivity:

    • 86% of documents signed and returned within 24 hours
    • 40% productivity increase, meaning teams have more time to spend in other areas of the organization
    • 98.2% reduction of errors in forms due to automated rules and effective fields
    • 89% reduction of labour costs after moving to a fully digital workflow
    • 90% faster time to loan close which results in greater client satisfaction.

    Here are some of the ways DocuSign provides a premium service to their financial service clients:

    • Increased safety measures through a number of authentication levels for signers, including SMS verification, federated authentication of identity, geolocation capture, social identity authentication, 3rd party corroboration, access code authentication and conventional validation via phone.
    • Ensure compliances through a completely digitized process.
    • The ability to scale practice through automation rules.
    • Speedier transactions made possible by implementing templates which saves time and money.
    • Improvement in client relations by using professional templates and seamless processes.
    • Mobile responsive signing developed with ease of access in mind.
    • Data validation to eliminate human errors.
    • Flexible workflows which can be adaptable to any sized business.
    • The ability to integrate with other software operating within the organization like Salesforce, Affinity CRM, TD Ameritrade and any other CRMs.

    What kind of services does Solusign provide for those in the financial services industry?

    You might have heard all about why DocuSign is a great eSignature solution for your financial services business, but understanding how best to implement the features into your organization can be a little overwhelming. At Solusign, we have developed a number of solutions with our team of DocuSign experts, to make the transition as seamless as possible.

    Looking to find time and cost efficiencies within your day-to-day operations, while also improving client relations? We have industry expertise when it comes to developing templates for the financial services industry and we know how to configure them so that they do not accept errors, thanks to advanced data validation rules. This will help streamline your processes.

    Depending on whether your business deals in hedge funds, real estate, banking, brokerage or lending, there will be different objectives and therefore a more bespoke solution is often required. Our DocuSign experts can provide services that will help you curate an eSignature template fit for your business.

    If you’d like to upskill yourself or members of your team to become DocuSign experts in your own right, Solusign offers vocational services to arm you with the tools to troubleshoot issues in-house. We have development training courses, workshops and consultations to help guide you throughout the onboarding process.

    What is the process of implementing DocuSign to your financial services business?

    To kick off the implementation of DocuSign to your organization, we have made the process as simple as possible to avoid any undue pressure throughout the transition phase. Here’s how our team of DocuSign experts will implement your eSignature solutions:

    • To begin, we will analyse your current operations and discuss objectives.
    • We then create DocuSign templates version of your agreements and forms.
    • Once all the paperwork has been digitized we integrate DocuSign to your existing software.
    • We then provide thorough training for you and your team to ensure the new workflow is running as seamlessly as possible.
    • Following integration we are on hand to provide continued support for your document management going forward.

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