Are you a wealth, asset manager or lender who wants to spend less time on paperwork?


Automate subscription agreements, loan applications and more.

Solusign helps lenders, financial advisors and their clients get to settlement faster by automating agreements with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.

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Get your business workflows set up on DocuSign by our experts.


Solusign is designed for small to midsize practices in the finserv sector deploying DocuSign across and throughout the organisation. 

Solusign is also your gateway to help streamline and automate repeatable business tasks, minimising room for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Are you spending time printing, emailing, faxing, scanning and FedExing? 

Here’s a better way.

Without DocuSign

With DocuSign

Avg document preparation time

28 min

<2 min

Avg time to signature

6 days

3 hours

Avg error rate in forms