Subscription Agreement Templates

Is your fund having workflow issues with subscription agreements?

For most managing partners working in private equity, real estate and hedge funds, dealing with subscription agreements is a complex and time-consuming process to navigate. The reality is that preparing, distributing, reviewing and processing legal documents means businesses are constantly playing catch-up processing substantial volumes of paperwork. This creates undue stress on both investors and admin teams who have to navigate countless back and forth emails. For High-Net-Worth individuals we know how valuable their time is – spending hours filling out and completing complex Subscription Agreements can result in a significant cost to the business.

As businesses move towards digital operations, eSignature solutions are at the forefront of creating a much smoother workflow for processing investor subscription agreements. At Solusign our team of experts have designed online subscription agreement templates that have proven success in creating a secure and streamlined workflow for businesses and investors.

How does DocuSign help with your subscription agreements?

Our DocuSign online subscription agreement templates let investors sign the documents through an interactive website that guides them throughout the entire process. Some benefits of implementing DocuSign eSignature services to your workflow include:

  • Funds don’t need to know in advance how investors are going to subscribe — individually, jointly, with a custodian or through an entity — and they don’t need to know the details of the other signers because it’s the first signer (investor or their advisor) who will provide the name and email of the subsequent signers and DocuSign will route the document to them automatically.
  • Can integrate with any fund management software
  • Eliminating the need for physical copies of the subscription agreement ensures you’ll find budget and time efficiencies when it comes to sharing the document with investors.
  • Investors will be able to see the entire document, but they will only be prompted to fill out the fields that they need to act on, depending on the type of investors — thus eliminating all possible mistakes or confusion. For example, an individual won’t be able to fill out the fields that relate to entities or trusts.

Solusign’s online subscription agreement system has been carefully designed by DocuSign experts. In fact investors of our fund clients have given incredible feedback, commenting on how easy it is to manage documents once implementing our solutions.

What is the process of implementing Subscription Agreements automation solutions?

At Solusign we understand that implementing new processes to your business needs to be handled with ease and care — we want to ensure the transition is as simple and smooth as possible. After following just three easy steps, your business could streamline what’s often a clunky process:

  • After an initial consultation with one of our DocuSign experts, we will create online subscription agreement templates for each type of investor (i.e individual, joint entity, trust) which determines the visible fields and where they need to sign. Within the document we then add conditional and validation rules to ensure that no error can possibly be entered in the documents.
  • An interactive digital menu is then created, which will prompt investors to answer questions in order to identify which signing flow they will be accessing. Those answers will then trigger an automated action to begin the signing process.
  • The interactive menu can be embedded on your business website, which means you’ll be able to easily share the link with investors, further streamlining the workflow.

The best part of the online subscription agreement templates is that they can be accessed by all parties:

  • Natural Persons: Individual or Joint applications
  • Your investor’s advisor
  • Personal or Grantor Trusts with 1 or 2 trustees
  • Entities, Charitable Trusts, Business Trusts with 1 or 2 Authorised Signatories
  • IRA, Pension Plan or Employee Benefit Plan.

Why choose Solusign to help with your subscription agreements?

Maybe you’ve burned your fingers on the wrong eSignature solution in the past — so let’s bust some common myths that may be holding you back.

“It’s too expensive!”

Our DocuSign subscription agreement solution can be expensed, just like any other fund expense. So in effect you’ll be able to see trackable ROI, thanks to immediate changes to the efficiency of your business practices.

“It’s not safe!”

DocuSign uses military-grade security protocols, which means there’s zero risk of your client’s financial information being leaked due to cyberattacks. If you’re working with a confidential private equity subscription agreement, our team of experts are highly-skilled and have cyber safety at top of mind when designing eSignature solutions.

“It won’t work for us!”

Any document, regardless of how unique, can be integrated with our DocuSign solutions. We work hard to ensure we provide a service where businesses can customise products to best suit their objectives. Our consultants are on hand to offer support every step of the way from the initial strategy session, through to implementation and beyond.

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