How Excelsior Ambulance Services Saves $80K/year on wages"

James Graham, MD & Owner at Excelsior Ambulance Services



James is the owner of Excelsior Ambulance Services. With a high level of staff turnover and a traditional recruitment process full of paperwork and compliance verifications for every applicant, the team struggled on a daily basis.

James wanted to create an automated system so he would not need to hire a HR or recruitment manager. That's when he reached out to Solusign for help.



We worked with James’ team to map out a comprehensive new hire onboarding journey from advertising roles to the first workday day for successful applicants.

Here's what we did:

  1. Redesigned job application form in an optimised mobile version which allowed applicants apply conveniently using their phones
  2. Implemented a candidate database which captured all applicant information
  3. Automated document generation and data entry between using DocuSign, Everify and Quickbooks integrations


Mobile form

When candidates submit an application for a position, the team at Excelsior is instantly notified. 

Candidate database

When candidates submit an application all their information instantly lands in the database.


  1. Hiring managers can easily track where each candidate is in the hiring process
  2. Applicants receive pre-filled offers, tax forms, I9 etc., which can be quickly signed using their mobiles devices
  3. Hiring managers no longer need to manually enter information in different systems
  4. Candidate profiles are automatically created in QuickBooks payroll
  5. Candidates working rights are verified automatically


James' time-consuming and chaotic recruitment process that is now a thing of the past. Worries about potential fines for non-compliance too.

All hiring managers are now following the same process, no candidate is falling through the cracks, compliance has increased, and manual data entry is no longer an issue.

This has allowed the hiring managers to focus on their jobs instead and helped James focus on growth while saving a full time HR Manager salary.


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