Case Study: Market Signal

From Worried to Lose Investors To Praised!



When Phil, General Partner at Market Signal, received the subscription documents for his new hedge fund from their lawyer, he immediately thought, "there is no way investors will understand how to fill this out." Thirty investors were waiting to sign, but they were worried they’d lose some investors during the subscription process if they sent them the documents by email. In addition, it was taking Market Signal's team too long to understand how to use DocuSign. Hence, they reached out to Sofian after finding him on YouTube.

The Results

After working with our team, Market Signal's subscription process is so smooth that investors often praise it, and the process is almost entirely automated. Investors and their representatives can now complete subscriptions through a simple link at their convenience. 

The Process

1. During our first call, we helped Market Signal understand how they should structure DocuSign templates for different types of beneficial ownership such as individual, joint, entities, trusts, IRAs, etc.

2. After building the DocuSign templates, we integrated them with an investor questionnaire embedded into Market Signal's website that prompts investors to complete the right set of documents based on their answers.

3. The entire setup was up and running in a few weeks, and investors (and other signatories) can now complete the documents at their convenience through a simple link. They love the process so much that they often praise how simple the process is!

Philip Grace, General Partner at Market Signal

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