Corrie M.

Investor Relationship Manager



"In addition to saving hours of resource time, we saved time and money from not having to send and re-send envelopes that were unintentionally sent with errors. 

Having polished, branded, firmwide messages with clear instructions made easy for the recipient is also an opportunity to strengthen the investor base."


Hedge Fund Collects 400+ Investor Signatures Automatically



Maverick Capital is a registered investment advisor managing private funds for qualified investors.
Investor Relations Manager Corrie M. wanted to use DocuSign to collect forms from 400+ investors in a short timeframe.
Signature requirements varied by fund and investor type, causing difficulties for Corrie until she came across Solusign's YouTube videos.


Working with Corrie, Solusign accomplished the following:

  1. Designed a guided questionnaire to direct investors to relevant forms
  2. Created forms as DocuSign templates
  3. Integrated DocuSign templates with the investor questionnaire

The Results

The forms were completed with exceptional accuracy, with most investors finishing within 48 hours. Not a single signature or crucial piece of information was missing or incorrectly filled out.


Want help automating paperwork?


We help investment and lending firms automate paperwork by implementing electronic signature solutions.


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