Haig Malkhasyan, Director of Finance at SOLA IMPACT

"Our subscription process was an extremely time and labor-intensive process. After working with Solusign, the process is painless for our investors and us."

Case study: SOLA IMPACT 

From Tedious To Painless Investor Onboarding!

SOLA impact, a real estate investment company in Southern California, had to process each investor subscription during onboarding individually.
The process was time-consuming and required weeks of effort by their paralegal.
With the launch of their 4th fund, they wanted to streamline the subscription process but found difficulties with DocuSign. Eventually, they turned to Solusign after finding our YouTube videos.


After analyzing Sola's ideal investor onboarding process, our team did the following:

  1. Designed a mobile-friendly questionnaire for investors that identifies the investor’s profile
  2. Created DocuSign templates for each investor profile
  3. Integrated the DocuSign templates with the investor questionnaire
  4. Automated the storage of completed documents 

The Results

After working with Solusign, investors and Sola now have a painless subscription process. Investors are now going through the signing flow automatically, and document errors have been eliminated!

  1. Forms guide investors throughout the process 
  2. Forms prompt investors to complete relevant sections and skip irrelevant ones
  3. Investors are now easily completing subscription forms without Sola’s guidance.
  4. Completed documents get automatically saved into Sola’s database.


Want help automating subscriptions?


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