Case study: SOLA IMPACT 

From Tedious & Manual To Automated Subscriptions!


In the past, SOLAs' investor onboarding process required individual outreach and care with each investor, which mobilized for weeks the only person they had to manage this process. They were about to launch their 4th fund and wanted to make subscribing a simple thing for their investors rather than a tedious process.

They had a deal on the line, so they needed to move quickly, and after a few days of trying to make DocuSign work, they decided to reach out to Sofian at Solusign after finding his YouTube videos.

The Results

The entire automation was up and running in less than two weeks. Investors are now going through the signing flow automatically and errors in documents have been totally eliminated!



The Process

  1. We started workshopping the best structure for the automation based on the flow of subscription documents, and the level of experience SOLA wanted to deliver to their Limited Partners.
  2. We then built DocuSign templates with conditional logic so that investors are only shown relevant information based on their type of Beneficial Ownership.
  3. Finally, forms were added to SOLA's website so that investors can access them 24/7 without SOLA's team having to do any manual work.


"We were beyond impressed. Before working with Solusign, our subscription process was an extremely time and labor-intensive process for our team and frustrating for investors. After working with Solusign, the process is painless for our investors and us. In addition, Sofian is probably the best consultant I’ve worked with."

Haig Malkhasyan, Director of Finance at SOLA IMPACT

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