Automation Transforms Sales Process: From Slow and Manual to Fast and Efficient

"Sales reps send contracts at the push of a button"

Charles Caldwell, Co-founder at Eldertree Care Management



Charles is the Co-Founder of ElderTree Care Management, a company that provides help for older people and their families in Virginia.

Signing up to receive care was difficult for both the sales team and customers - it required a lot of paperwork and updates on the company's customer database.

To make things easier, Charles wanted to find a way to give his sales team more time to focus on selling and finding potential customers.


  1. Slow sales cycle. Low sales velocity caused by manual processes
  2. Inefficient process
    Salespeople wasted time creating contracts and invoices and post-sales admin work
  3. Client friction. Clients had to provide information multiple times, creating friction and delays in signing off deals.
  4. Mobile difficulty. Contract's onboarding questionnaire difficult to fill out on mobile devices





1. Process mapping.

We started by mapping the ideal client onboarding process.



2. Mobile friendly DocuSign contracts

We redesigned sales contracts, and added mobile responsive capabilities so that clients can easily sign on mobile






3. System integration

Integration #1: Pipedrive.
For sales reps to generate pre-filled contracts in one click from the CRM
Integration #2: DocuSign - Stripe.
For customers to easily pay when signing
Integration #3: QuickBooks
To automatically create invoices
Integration #4: Google Drive
To automatically upload and rename signed contracts in the right folder




  • 1- click Contracts- one button push contracts sent automatically to clients
  • Automated payments - Clients can easily pay by card or ACH using the Stripe integration with DocuSign.
  • Automated invoicing -  invoices are automatically created in QuickBooks, the CRM auto-updated with customer info, etc.
  • Real-time tracking - Sales reps can track the signature status from within the CRM in real-time, helping them to make the best next action towards closing the deal.
  • Automated Data Entry: Now Client Information Entered in Onboarding Documents Syncs Automatically With Database

After working with Solusign, the admin workload of sales reps was almost eliminated and the customer experience significantly improved.

This allowed Eldertree to take on more customers without extra strain and close deals quicker.

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