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With 7,000 new supplemental executive retirement plans (SERP) to process each year, taking 45 minutes on average, Keenan’s analysts spent a whopping 5,250 hours per year handling enrollments. Everything was highly manual: from the initial distribution of paper-based enrollment forms to their collection. The team was often chasing missing signatures and document errors, but that wasn't it...

Submitting all the information and documents to the underwriting was done by copy-paste, leaving plenty of room for errors.

When COVID hit, Isaac Stern, VP of Sales, reached out to Solusign to digitize and automate the process using DocuSign.

The Results

✅ Enrollment forms are now sent in bulk to participants with the click of a button from Keenan’s CRM. Participants can complete and sign them electronically via DocuSign. 

✅ Document errors and missing signatures have been eliminated.

✅ Every piece of information a participant provides in the forms (whether text or checkmark) is captured and instantaneously added to Keenan's CRM for review.

✅ Finally, Keenan can submit information in bulk to the underwriting with the click of a button which cuts the processing time by 79%.



The Process

1️⃣ We replaced paper-based forms with DocuSign forms.

2️⃣ We added validation rules to the fields in the DocuSign forms so that participants can't enter incorrect information.

3️⃣ We implemented ZOHO CRM and integrated it with DocuSign so that Keenan can bulk send forms and track their completion status in the same app.

4️⃣ We integrated ZOHO CRM with the insurer's database via API to fully automate the transmission of information.



"This is even beyond our expectations"

Isaac Stern, VP of Sales at KEENAN

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