How This Fund Onboards Accredited Investors On Autopilot

"There's no document to be chased. Investors had raving reviews about it."

Kerrie Dunn, COO at Kingsbridge Wealth Management



Kerri, COO at Kingsbridge Alternative Strategies Fund, was looking for a way to automate their investor onboarding process. They needed to create an efficient and compliant onboarding experience that would provide investors with the best possible experience. After doing some research, they discovered Solusign’s services and reached out.


 The main problems were:

  1. Confusing forms. Investors were often confused by the paperwork due to its complexity
  2. Frequent mistakes. Documents were filled out incorrectly, leading the team to do corrections
  3. Document gathering. Emails had to be sent to collect extra information, further delaying onboarding
  4. Tedious filing. Saving completed documents into an electronic filing system was long and tedious
  5. Slow onboarding. Onboarding investors took weeks of work and follow-up.





1. Map out the ideal investor onboarding process

Solusign and KWM's team crafted the ideal investor onboarding process.



2. Build an investor questionnaire

We started by building an investor questionnaire to identify the investor profile that LPs can easily access through the fund's website.




3. Automated document collection

The questionnaire prompts the user to upload ID and certification documents and redirects the LP to the appropriate DocuSign signing workflow




4. Build DocuSign Signing Workflows

14 signing workflows are supported to ensure form accuracy.

Each signing workflow determines who the signers are and which document sections apply to them.

The signing workflows work whether the LP is filling out and signing or if a 3rd party fills out the subscription agreement for the LP before they sign.

5. Automated document storage

Once completed, documents and IDs, are automatically stored in Dropbox folders.

The naming convention is also automatically set up which makes the files very easy to find.



  • Quick & Automated subscriptions: Onboarding new investors can be done in just a few minutes and requires no extra work from the team - it's all automated.
  • Error-free: No more document errors
  • Self-service: No need for communication between investors and KASF team
  • Automated sync: Storing documents in investor folders fully automated 

Investor subscriptions now require no work from the team. There are no document errors.

Investors can now access a streamlined onboarding experience that is both efficient and compliant.

Need help automating subscriptions?


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