Seneca Capital Goes Digital and Slashes Workflow Time by 75%

"A process that took us several hours each month is now fully automated. Thank you"

Garee Lee, Director of Asset Management at Seneca Capital Partners



Seneca Capital Partners is a Colorado-based REIT specializing in student housing and mobile home accommodation investments.

The team spent over an hour manually preparing each shareholder agreement and mailing them to investors, resulting in a delay of a week before the documents were signed.

The Director of Asset Management, Gary Lee, sought Solusign's help to automate this process and reduce its cost and time.


Collaborating with Gary's team, we delivered the following solution:

  1. Turned PDF agreements into mobile-responsive DocuSign forms
  2. Integrated Seneca's database with DocuSign & Google Drive


After working with Solusign, Seneca now sends investor agreements via DocuSign, generating them in bulk with just a click. Agreements can now be signed on mobile devices, resulting in faster signature collections. 

All completed agreements are stored in Seneca Capital Partners' servers, organized by properties and investors automatically. Tracking of signature statuses is made easier through the database.

Want help automating paperwork?


We help investment and lending firms automate paperwork by implementing electronic signature solutions.


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