VC Law Firm Onboards 350 Investors in 1 click

"We have been able to fulfill the request at 10x the speed"

Chris Harvey, 

Emerging Fund Lawyer at HARVEY ESQUIRE


Chris Harvey, an LA-based Venture Capital attorney was working on a deal where 350 investors had to be moved from Delaware to the Cayman Islands.

350+ investors had to fill in subscription documents they had already signed during the Delaware-based fund subscription process. 

Chris approached Solusign to speed up the process.


Working closely with Chris, Solusign built the following:

  1. Set up updated subscription agreements in DocuSign
  2. Connected investor data to the subscription agreements
  3. Integrated Chris’s database with DocuSign to send and track documents
  4. Automated the download of completed documents in the database

The Results

Chris loved the process because it didn’t involve any manual work: all subscription agreements were automatically generated and sent to investors. 

Investors just had to click on ‘sign’

Chris and his team were able to easily track investors who hadn’t signed yet and needed a reminder.

And once documents were signed, they would be instantly synchronized to their database.

Want help automating paperwork?


We help investment and lending firms automate paperwork by implementing electronic signature solutions.


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